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Modern Belly-Dance Music

SSB 2006

In 2005 and 2006, Sahara Sands Band was performing at clubs and festivals all over Northern California.  We worked as a five-piece middle-eastern dance band during that time, performing both traditional and modern pieces with a fusion sound.  Our 2006 CD, Shifting Sands, marks the peak of achievement for the Sahara Sands Band of that era.

The band worked with dozens of belly dancers to achieve rhythms and arrangements which really popped.  As the dancers choreographed to us, we adapted to meet their needs, and gave rise to a sound that still echoes in the halls of Tribal Fest, Desert Dance, Owl Club, Belly Dance Fantasy Festival, Club Capri, and the Woodstock of Belly Dance – Rakkasah West.

We performed in diverse venues, large and small, from clubs, to college campuses, to the California State Fair.  But it was always about the dancers.  In a memorable performance for KKUP radio in the San Francisco Bay Area, we brought dancers into the studio.  “You know this is radio, right?” we were asked, but insisted that the dancers perform with us, to make the show.

Shifting Sands

We selected a cross section of our repertoire – some traditional, some modern, and a few originals composed at the request of dancers.  With the permission of our wives, we hid in the studio for a couple of months, and bada-bing! Out pops this CD, the very essence of Sahara Sands Band!

Shifting Sands is a bass heavy mix.  It sounds great on in homes and cars, but really comes to life on professional sound systems.  Don’t be afraid to use this CD for your act, it was engineered with the dancer in mind!

For current information about performances and new projects, visit the home of the Sahara Sands Band touring group: http://www.saharasandsband.net